Beautiful L-shaped house in a hilly and well maintained village


This house has 80 m2 living space and the plot size is 1043 m2. There are 3 rooms with
gas convectors, a bathroom with 2 toilets and 2 showers, a kitchen (please note that this kitchen
is located in an out building on the plot), electric, water, as mentioned gas and a sceptic tank.

The interior is included in the purchase price and the garden has it’s own water source, grapes and various fruit trees. Please note that the roof has been renewed recently.

The house in located in small village in ’ Nogard ’ province one of the most sparsely populated
province in this country. The mountains and hills in this province are known as the ‘ Cserhat hills ‘

All is quietness, silence, forests, nature, hills, mountains en therefore the area is very suiteable
for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, horse riding and so on.

The mentioned purchase price includes all the additional costs.