Big house + stable (200 m2) and 6800 m2 land on a unique location in the Mátra mountains


This big house is located in a tiny mountain village (half deserted) called ’ Mátracserpuszta’.There are no shops in this village
and only 22 buildings – houses (mostly deserted) 1 horse riding school and 1 quest house. All is ’ wild ’ nature, hills, clean air
and quietness. A small paradise for those who like matters as mentioned. In the nearby town (2.5 miles) called
’ Mátravovak ’ on can find facilities like supermarkets, a doctor service, a pharmacy and a quest house run by a Dutch – Hungarian couple (see :
There are 3 rooms, 1 entrance room ,2 bathrooms with a toilet, a kitchen and a terrace. The (horse) stable has a length of 20
meters an a width of 10 meters. There is electric, water (an own well), heating on wood, a sceptictank and that is it. It will
still take some work to turn this house into your dream paradise but it will not take an efford to turn the surrounding into a dream place.
It is a wonderful location, a rarety to be found. For more information (also in English) about the Mátra mountains please visit :