91.000 m2 land with 4 buildings and a (45.000 m2 ) private lake



This estate is no less more than a paradise for those who love all sorts of watersports. The complete size of the
land is 91.000 m2 and the size of the lake on it is 45.000 m2. The remaining
parts consists of meadows, walking and hiking paths and land with fruit trees. There are plenty
jetties for fishing and 1 for jet – skiing. The buildings on the plot cover 798 m2 and they consist of :

1: the main living house (138 m2) with 8 rooms (spaces) under which 3 living rooms, 1 bathroom,
a hall /corridor, a kitchen, a food storage place and a boiler room. Next to the main house there are 2 covered
buildings (each 80 m2) from which 1 is in use as a stable and the other still needs a destination.

2: the second building (a mediterranean type mansion) covers 3 floors and 360 m2. Please note that this building is halfly finished.
The cellar has a home cinema, a wine cellar and a storage place.
The ground floor has a livingroom, a bedroom with a bathroom, a spacious open kitchen, a food storage place, a quest room, another bathroom and a staircase. The first floor has 2 (children) rooms, a bathroom, a gallery and a terrace.

3: the third building (140 m2) is named (by the owner) as being a ’ club ’house and present are
a kitchen and a bathroom. This house is ready for 95 %. Please note that all facilities are present
including electric (3 x 16 and 3 x 25 ampere). This beautiful object is located near the town of
’ Lajosmisze ’ and there are still 65 photographs available as well as a video (code mentioned
above this text). All drawings from the buildings are available on request.