Beautiful and free located house in a small (forest/hills) village not to far from the capital


Dear reader (s),

This beautiful and free located house is located in a province called ’ Nograd ’
also known as the ’ Cserhat ’ hills.

The ’ Cserhat ’ hills (full of trees and forests) are located in a province called ’ Nograd ’
which is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Hungary.
While hiking or driving through this province it is not unusual that you will hardly
meet someone. All is nature, quietness and clean air.
Tourists and foreign house buyers have over looked this area which is easily reachable
from the capital (depending on where of course you can count on 30 to 50 miles).
Only a village called ’ Legend ’ has a colony of foreigners and they are mainly dutch.

The house it self has a building surface (including the garage) of 155 m2 and the plot
size is 1.200 m2.
It offers 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, water, electric, central heating on gas
and a sceptic tank .

The mentioned purchase price doe not include the additional purchase costs.

Greetings Anton and Maria.