About us and purchase procedures

About us and the purchase procedure :

Let us first introduce ourselves, we are Dudas Maria (Hungarian) and Anton Wetters (Dutch) and we are the owners of a licensed real estate company in Hungary. For many years we are in the possession of such a license and if working in this field having such a license is compulsory according to Hungarian law. We live in Hungary, speak the language, understand the culture and know the right legal way to transfer any given property to your name all within the Hungarian law regulations. In Hungary, required by law, any transaction regarding a real estate property is realized by a sworn in lawyer. He/she carries the full responsibility for the contacts with the municipal, provincial and national Government (authorities) as well as for the right financial handling. Unless mentioned otherwise all purchase fees, mentioned on our website, include all additional costs and fees for all the arrangements. Please note that the mentioned fees are in Hungarian Forints (HUF) and we calculated 295 HUF against the EURO which is a defensive exchange rate so in reality the purchase price will be a little lower.

Included in the gross purchase prices are :
1: the net purchase price of the object
2: the one-time tax (4%) by the Hungarian State on the net purchase amount
About 3 to 6 months after the purchase you will receive this levy at your home address in country of origin (accompanied by a letter both in Hungarian and English) unless you indicate you prefer to receive this levy letter at you new home address here Hungary.
3: the working fee for the lawyer. That fee will be around 3 % of the net purchase price.
If the object in question is very cheap (possible) the 3 % rule might be ignored
the lawyer in question, by law, will provide an official invoice which will cover the full
amount of his working fee.
4: our work fee. Official invoices from all parts and handed over to you.

The additional works done for you at a purchase (included in our working fee) are the following :

A: for the lawyer gets a new official print out from the land registry (office) regarding the
property due to be bought by you. That paper contains information like who is the owner (owners), the full address, the plot size, the land registry number and so on, the passport of the property so to speak.
B: after the purchase a new registration in the land registry is arranged but this time for your name.
C: we read the meters from the utilities and transfer those to your name. If required automatic payments for the utilities can be arranged.
D: if desired we open a bank account for and with you, arrange a bank card and access to internet banking (in English).
E: if desired we arrange a home insurance for and with you. The cost for such an insurance (depends on the type of house) fluctuate between 120 and 200 EURO per year.
Automatic payments for future bills can also be arranged.

Additional services (on request) not included in our working fee

It is also possible that you want to obtain a residence card (Lakcim Kartya). With such a card, you can buy a car here, establishing a company and get a national health insurance. The cost of the last mentioned are around 30 euros (is a bit on the currency) per month and is for pensioners for free. Such a health insurance can be obtained 9 months after the validation of your residential card.

What the Hungarian Government asks from you if you wish to obtain such a card residence card?
1: you must proof that here in this country you have a roof over your head. In short a property (real estate) but it can also be a rental estate.
2: you must be able to proof that you are financially independent. There are of course various ways such as a fixed monthly income (from work and/or a benefit in an EU country) and/or you have a reasonable amount on a bank or savings account in an EU country
3: you must be able to prove that you have a valid health insurance issued in a EU country.
4: when registering bring along (at least 3 months valid) a passport or ID card from a country within the EU.
5: a new printout from the land registry (costs 21 EURO) stating that you (see point 1) are still the owner or tenant of the mentioned property.
6: at the post office we finally buy 1 stamp (per person per request) of 1000 HUF say 3.30 euro. Our working fee for the above mentioned works are not embedded in our previously mentioned working fee. If you have any questions about this form of residence status do not hesitate to contact us. We have helped dozens of people to residence cards and the national health insurance. Different rules apply for people from non-EU countries, if you want to know those rules feel free to contact us. For other matters such as applying for a building permit, expanding or new installing utilities, importing your car, starting a business etc. you can also count on us.

Greetings Anton and Maria.